NFIR Rules


Members desirous of applying for a specific project are requested to go through the details on the project on the website. Which are updated from time to time.
Booking form can be downloaded from the website and after details are filled in, the completed booking form is to be couriered to the registered office or liaison office, along with the registration amount.

The Booking Amount, in all cases is part of the overall cost of the specific property, is to be paid in favor of M/s Uber Realtors Pvt Ltd payable at Hyderabad through Demand Draft / Pay Order / wire transfer only.


Once the cheque / draft of registration amount is credited into the account of Uber, a receipt for the same will be issued and sent to the mailing address of the applicant.
Applicants are requested to update any change of contacts – viz. mobile number, land line, email address, postal address as and when it takes place.


Allotment will be made as per the final seniority list / Lucky Draw which will be updated after adjustments for withdrawals & cancellations. Allotment will be made in the presence of at least 4 members of the management committee of SCRE. Specific requests for certain floors due to health reasons of certain members will be looked at compassionately by SCRE and other members are requested to understand and respect these decisions taken with a view to helping these constrained members/ families.

Applicants can apply for specific floors/ corner plots etc. as applicable to any scheme. Additional charges if any for specific requests shall be intimated to members and shall apply.


Any member is free to withdraw from any project at any time. Rules by SCRE management committee / Uber team as applicable shall apply, on a case to case basis. Despite genuine efforts by Uber to refund as soon as possible, it may happen in certain case that due to constraints the refunds may get a little delayed but the refund period would be maximum 90 days from the date of application for refund made . Members are kindly requested to bear with such delays.


Members will be given a notice of two months to take over the allotted unit, provided he/she has completed all formalities, paid all the dues, executed all the Deeds and obtained a Clearance Certificate from Uber. The minimum time to get the plot registered is 12 months from the date of Complete last payment received. Any one going in for cancellation before 365 days shall be paid back all the refund after deduction of Rs 50,000/-. ( All legal proceeding are subject to Hyderabad Court)


Joint applicant permitted at the time of execution of Transfer Deed in favour of a beneficiary, he/she will have the option to register the dwelling unit in his/her own name, or jointly register it with one or two relations out of the under mentioned:


Members are free to re-sell / transfer their properties to others, provided legal and financial clearances from Uber and SCRE are obtained in writing, prior to the sale of the property. Our website also offers the option to list your properties for free. This is after the approval of Uber and SCRE.


In case of default in schedule of payment beyond 60 days, management reserves the right to terminate registration and cancel allotment /allocation of the unit without any notice.


All suits and legal proceedings of any kind against the organization shall be instituted in the appropriate court in Mathura notwithstanding the location of the property, which may be the subject matter of dispute.


Beneficiaries will be required to pay installments on bank-financing basis. Adjustments in payments and schedules may become necessary, commensurate with the progress of construction. Beneficiaries will be intimated of the changes as they occur. The payments will be on call. Which is to say that Uber will update the schedules on the website and inform the members through letters and all other means. All payments received by Uber will be construction linked, however it is necessary for Uber to attach a timeline both for the convenience of Uber(to plan the construction commensurate to inflow of funds & for the members to plan his out flows).


It is always endeavored to complete the construction and handing over within 36 months. Specific payment schedule will revolve around the general & indicative payment schedule which will be is as follows:


All payments will be made by Bank Drafts / Chq only drawn in favor of M/s Uber Realtors Pvt Ltd Payable at Hyderabad.


Mutual exchange of type of DUs, during the currency of the scheme, or specific floor/ flat, after the draw has been conducted, may be permitted within the same scheme, or schemes managed by Uber.


Uber/SCRE has the right of final acceptance of an application, its registration, booking and allotment of the dwelling unit and garages/stilts.


Uber/SCRE is NOT JUST providing a service. It is attempting to take on a huge social cause and address a huge shortfall that exists for the masses. Uber/SCRE in no way can be held responsible for any claims of damages which may arise due to any reason whatsoever, including any commission or omission, by the Uber/SCRE or its employees. However, All suits and legal proceedings of any kind against GEWHO shall be instituted only in the appropriate courts in Mathura, notwithstanding the location of the property. All the arbitration proceedings/hearings shall be held in Mathura only.


If an applicant has given false information or suppressed certain material facts, or has transferred the rights of the dwelling unit in any manner whatsoever, his/ her application will be rejected, and the registration/booking of dwelling unit will be cancelled without making any reference to the applicant. He/ she will also be debarred from participating in future schemes. In such cases, allotters will pay penalty as prescribed under the heading “Cancellation Charges”.


A cancellation charge of Rs 50,000/- will be payable on cancellation – after paying 10% installment. At the stage of Builder Buyer Agreement, Once the money has been paid to the builder/ contractor the cancellation charges will be upto a maximum of 10% of the cost of property and the refund will be made to the member cancelling his property, only after the money is received in full from the new allotter or a member in the waiting list. Sometimes it becomes necessary to even cancel the registration of a non paying member – in order to ensure that the construction goes on schedule and the society and other members don’t suffer.


Uber/SCRE is working very closely with reputed banks to get all loan approvals for projects and members. However, the admissibility of loan is dependent on the repaying capacity of the borrowers and the co-borrowers opted by the beneficiary. The period of loan varies from 5 to 20 years. Repayment will, generally not extend beyond retirement.


Earning members of a family like wife, son, daughter, father and mother can join as co- borrowers for increasing the amount of loan.
Loan is generally disbursed only after applicant has invested 20 % of the total cost. Rest 80 % is Lonable by bank depending on the individual salary and age slab.